Florida Tournament Report

Strike King Rage Bug


Quick description: Designed for use behind the Mark Davis Jointed Structure Head, but great as a flipping or creature bait. Features Rage flanges for a very subtle action at very slow speeds.

The Rage Tail line of soft plastics from Strike King has become synonymous throughout the bass fishing world for unprecedented action, unique and functional designs, consistent quality, and most importantly, successful fishing trips! That reputation will continue to grow based on the results of our latest body style, the all-new Rage Bug.

“The new Rage Bug has become a staple tool in my tackle box,” says Mark Davis. “I have figured out ways to apply it to many different techniques and situations with great success.

“It’s an incredible stand-alone flipping bait. You can punch with it. You can swim it through and over vegetation. You can Carolina-rig it. Plus, it’s the perfect complement to our new Structure Head.

“When you reel that Structure Head along and you’ve got a Rage Bug on it, you’re getting constant action and movement whether you’re making contact with the bottom or not,” he says. “I get about as many bites just reeling the Rage Bug in as I do when I try to work it. That speaks volumes about its built in action.”

The new Rage Bug is 4” long and comes in 10 proven colors. Look for it soon at better sporting goods retailers near you.

Check out the video below where Steve ‘Boogie’ Brown shows off the Rage Bug at ICAST